Three Times Wiser - Tome 1

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Three Times Wiser is a newsletter about big ideas, mental models, brain bugs, and principles of wise thinking.

In a world of too much, selecting and finding is valuable. In the context of excess, curation makes sense of the world.

In this eBook, you will find a curated selection of 50 powerful excerpts from 45 different books. These insights have been carefully chosen to provide you with transformative knowledge, inspiration and powerful techniques.

Key Benefits:

  • Gain access to a comprehensive archive of Three Times Wiser's impactful insights
  • Explore topics ranging from learning choice and decision architecture to building a plan to conquer the planet.
  • Discover new strategies and perspectives to enhance your Personal & Professional growth
  • Discover new ideas and exercise critical thinking.
  • Build competence with rational techniques.
  • Enjoy the convenience of having all of these valuable insights in one place.


  • 50 carefully selected excerpts from Three Times Wiser
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Table of Contents:

  1. CIA GRAPHIC REGISTER by David H. Price
  2. CHIMPANZEE TEST by Jodie Jackson
  3. CONFUSOPOLY by Scott Adams
  4. LAW OF (TRULY) LARGE NUMBERS by Aubrey Clayton
  5. ENERGY OF MOTION by Richard A. Muller
  6. LOAD THEORY by Amishi P. Jha
  7. TONY MARSH METHOD by Danny Iny
  8. MORPHOLOGICAL THINKING 1by John Johnson Jr.
  9. WORM'S EYE VIEW by Gillian Tett
  10. MILES’S LAW by Matt Grossmann
  11. WRONG-SIDE-OF-MAYBE FALLACY by Philip Tetlock & Dan Gardner
  12. GATEKEEPERS byJodie Jackson
  13. AGENDA-SETTING THEORY by Robert B. Cialdini
  14. FOCUSING ILLUSION by Winifred Gallagher
  15. DYSTOPIAN TALE by Luca Gammaitoni
  16. DELIBERATE IGNORANCE by Peter Doherty
  17. MIND READING ILLUSION by Scott Adams
  18. SCOUT MINDSET by Julia Galef
  19. EXISTENTIAL PARADOX by Ernest Becker
  20. ARKISM by Sally Weintrobe
  21. 10:10:10 STRATEGY by Peter Hollins
  22. COLLINGRIDGE DILEMMA by John Brockman
  23. CONTROL PARADOX by Ezio Di Nucci
  24. FAR TRANSFER by Danny Iny
  25. THATCHER ILLUSION by Lyman Monty
  26. MAN IN THE CAR PARADOX by Morgan Housel
  27. BACKWARDS LAW by Mark Manson
  28. DIRTY LENS PROBLEM by Gillian Tett
  29. FLY-EYE EFFECT by Richard H. Thaler
  30. WAIT, WHAT? by James E. Ryan
  31. PRE-SUASION by Robert B. Cialdini
  32. SHALLOWING HYPOTHESIS by Jay Friedenberg
  33. POLIHEURISTIC DECISION THEORY by Christer Pursiainen
  34. HALFPINION by Scott Adams
  37. LIQUID MODERNITY by Zygmunt Bauman
  38. STATUS SYNDROME by Will Storr
  39. PERCOLATION LATTICE by Sanjoy Mahajan
  40. DECISION HYGIENE by Daniel Kahneman & Olivier Sibony
  41. ATTRIBUTION BIAS by Sally Weintrobe
  42. BROADEN-AND-BUILD THEORY by Jay Friedenberg
  43. GREATEST HAPPINESS PRINCIPLE by Matthew D. Lieberman
  44. EASTERLIN PARADOX by Matthew D. Lieberman
  45. HEDONIC ADAPTATION by Matthew D. Lieberman
  46. ERGODIC SWITCH by Todd Rose
  47. RICH RATIO by Wes Moss
  48. BUSINESS DAD PARADOX by Anne Helen Petersen & Charlie Warzel
  49. ZHUANGZI’S BUTTERFLY by David J. Chalmers
  50. PYGMALION EFFECT by Kindra Hall

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Three Times Wiser - Tome 1



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Three Times Wiser - Tome 1

30 ratings
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